Buelzenbett On the north bank of the Sieverner Auetals a powerful round barrier, the Pipinsburg rises. The exact age of the Pipinsburg is just as unknown as the emergence of the peculiar name. In the proximity of the Pipinsburg are further important cult places, e.g. Buelzenbett and heath-dig.

In the year 1139 Sievern becomes first  Sieverner lake in one of that of Bremen archbishop Adalbero (1123 -1148) issued document over the donations to the monastery pc. Pauli with Bremen mentions. With security however already before five thousand years humans in this area lived. Starting from 3000 v. Chr. farmer cultures can be proven in this region. From this time grave hills originate with heath-dig, the Pipinsburg and that east the heath city convenient "seven mountains".

 John wagner house Also in the modern times it goes upward. 1957 get Sievern a by-pass road. It is attached to the water net. The consolidation of farmland procedure (1962 - 1983) is pulled through for approximately 10 million DM. Sievern becomes holidays place. 1970 become Sievern with being enough, Debstedt and Imsum integrated municipality being enough. 1971/72 develop the "Sieverner lake", week-final-offered. On 1 March 1974 Sievern in the course is assigned to the regional reorganization of the "unit municipality being enough", now city being enough.